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Great inequalities exist in Australia, especially for those who identify as LGBTIQA+. These inequalities are perpetuated by the lack of gender and sexual diversity amongst those who have financial resources and the power to allocate them. The Channel seeks to shift this unequal distribution of financial resources, and change the way Australians experience gender and sexuality for the better in two ways:

  • By channeling funds to organisations / projects that benefit those who identify as LGBTIQA+ in effective and impactful ways and;
  • By empowering individuals with modest means but big hearts to achieve a greater impact with their social investment through collective philanthropy.

The Result: The Channel will increase the share of social investment reaching these groups; providing them with the opportunity for a life of less inequality and more potential.

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Noel Pearson on the importance of philanthropy to Indigenous communities

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We’re seeking a Finance & Operations Manager

The Finance and Operations Manager leads the financial and operations strategy, ensuring the financial viability and operational efficiency of Philanthropy Australia. 

  • lead and undertake strategic financial planning
    and business modelling
  • ensure optimal financial management processes and systems are in place and adhered to
  • ensure appropriate financial infrastructure is in place to support the provision of Philanthropy Australia’s services to its staff, membership
    and the general public
  • ensure all governance, legal, statutory and regulatory compliance needs are met
  • develop and implement the organisational ICT strategy including planning, identifying and monitoring ICT systems across the organisation
  • manage all HR administration and operational processes.

Applications close THURSDAY 9 FEBRUARY 2017 

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